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Hearing Aid Evaluation

The results from your hearing test will provide me an outline of what sounds you may be missing or hearing, but the personal answers about your daily life and perception about your hearing provide the basis for a more comprehensive hearing evaluation. You may be referred to a medical doctor specializing in disorders of the ear if you are a candidate for hearing aids or if there are other medical conditions I think should be addressed before hearing aids are recommended. This referral can often be the first step in the hearing aid examination.

If your hearing test reveals a permanent hearing loss, a hearing aid may be recommended for one or both ears.  It is rarely the case that a person requires only one hearing aid.  The only time when this is typically appropriate is when you have either normal hearing or no hearing whatsoever in that ear.  Fitting one ear only when you have loss in both ears will cause you to lose your sense of directionality since sounds will tend to come from one side.  I will explain what sounds you are not hearing and what hearing aids can do to help. It is usually at this appointment that you will get to see different styles of hearing aids. I will help you choose the best hearing aid style, features and level of sophistication based on your degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, and financial circumstances. The final decision on which hearing aids are purchased is your choice.

Once you make a decision, I may take impressions of your ears if you selected custom hearing aids or behind-the-ear hearing aids that require earmolds. Hearing aids must usually be ordered from a manufacturer and then programmed by me to meet your specific hearing needs.