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Assistive Listening Devices

People with all types and degrees of hearing loss, even people with normal hearing, may benefit from an assistive listening device (ALD). Since the microphone of a typical hearing aid is worn on or behind your ear, its ability to enhance the talker-to-background noise ration is limited. However, ALDs  are designed to increase the loudness of a desired voice, such as a radio, television, or a public speaker, without increasing the background noise.. This is because the microphone of the assistive listening device is placed close to the talker or device of interest, while the microphone of the hearing aid is always close to the listener. 

Many types of ALDs are available for home use and larger public facilities.  Some ALDs include alarm clocks, TV listening systems, telephone amplifying devices, and auditorium-type assistive listening systems.  Many newer devices are small, wireless and compatible with a person’s digital hearing aids.  The ALD may be something small that attaches directly to the hearing aid, is activated through a program in the hearing aid, or is worn around the neck and transmits sounds wirelessly to the hearing aids.  Alarms and other home ALDs may be small devices that are placed discreetly on tables, next to the TV or on the wall. Please refer to the hearing aid manufacturers' pages for examples of ALDs.

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